PLOUCS - Nouvelle Aquitaine

PLOUCS, the association for the development of the Social and Solidarity Economy (SSE) in the Landes, was born out of the initiative of a group of players committed to promoting the SSE in this area of south-west France.

The association was created in 2017 to meet an identified need in the region: to strengthen the SSE and its principles of solidarity, social entrepreneurship and sustainable development. The Landes department, while offering great economic and natural diversity, was facing socio-economic challenges, notably unemployment and precariousness in some rural areas. Therefore, the founders of PLOUCS decided to set up a structure dedicated to the promotion and development of the SSE. 

The Landes department is located in the Nouvelle-Aquitaine region, in the south-west of France. The Landes is characterised by a mixture of coastal areas, pine forests, farmland and small towns. The department is renowned for its natural beauty, but it also faces challenges in terms of environmental preservation and economic development. The Landes has a diverse population, with a mix of young people, active workers and retirees. Urban centres such as Mont-de-Marsan and Dax coexist with more rural areas. The average age of the population can vary according to geographical area, with a trend towards ageing rural demographics in some parts of the department. The Landes has a diversified economy, including agriculture (particularly maize and duck production), the timber and paper industries, coastal tourism and a growing social economy sector. However, despite this diversification, some areas of the Landes are experiencing economic challenges, particularly in terms of unemployment and job insecurity. The Landes is home to many social and solidarity initiatives, including associations such as PLOUCS, which are working to strengthen the social and solidarity economy in the region. Solidarity and preservation of the environment are important values in this context, and the people of the Landes are often involved in projects aimed at improving the quality of life and sustainability of the region. 

PTCEs (Pôles Territoriaux de Coopération Économique) aim to create synergies, strengthen cooperation and encourage social innovation. The mission of the PTCEs is to create sustainable jobs, encourage social entrepreneurship, address job insecurity and contribute to local development. They are also designed to be spaces for experimentation and innovation, exploring new forms of governance and economic models.

  • La Brocante Eco-Solidaire in Mimbaste, which offers recycled furniture and household appliances on its premises, as well as a recycling centre and a community café.
  • La Maison Eco-citoyenne des Landes in Mont de Marsan, which aims to raise awareness of ecology and sustainable development. 
  • Imagine in Linxe is an association whose aim is to create a shared garden and activities in a community café.
  • Artelandes, an association that aims to promote art from the Landes region in two ways: an art library that travels around the region visiting media libraries, and a gallery that rents works by artists from the Landes region.
  • Roue Libre en Grand Dax, an association that raises awareness of soft mobility (cycling) and helps the local authority to identify and diagnose the need for cycle paths in the conurbation.
  • Bike repair and recycling projects.


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