The Whole Village Concept

The ”Whole Village” is an integrated concept for rural development through heritage, which aims to revitalise local communities and help them become self-sufficient.

The concept of the ”Whole Village” has been developed progressively and continuously, starting in the year 2000 with 1 village and continued in 2001 with other 4 villages, then in 2003 with other 3 villages and in 2008 were the last 2 communities included in this revitalisation process.

The Whole Village Concept is an initiative of the Mihai Eminescu Trust, a non-profit organisation with its activities mainly based in rural areas of the Transylvania region in Romania at risk of depopulation, due to the migration towards urban areas and the ageing population.

Its mission is to safeguard and restore Romania’s cultural and natural heritage by fostering responsible economic development, tackling social inequalities and reshaping the nature-culture relation through an integrated and trans-disciplinary approach.

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Since 2008, Mihai Eminescu Trust has been working in close collaboration with these 10 selected Transylvanian communities, following the belief that projects must be planned and developed: “in”, “together with” and “for” the community.

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