Local Action Plan of Rezekne, Latvia


Since 2015, Luznava manor is an inclusive cultural place for the community, tourism, business, a driving force in the regeneration of rural areas. During its renewed existence, the manor has successfully found its place both in the wide cultural offer of the Latgale region as a cultural venue for chamber concerts and summer festivals, and also in socially responsible development as a creator of a co-creation, inclusive society, social entrepreneurship and tourism-friendly environment in the eastern region of Latvia. Thus, Luznava Manor as a unit of the Rezekne Municipality is part of the providers of supportive (social) business environment in Latgale region.


The purpose of elaborating and implementing the Local Action Plan is to activate social economy actors in Rezekne municipality, to engage new players in the field, to encourage cooperation and synergy among them, to establish an active network of social economy actors and to do that via raising awareness, informing, educating people, organizing seminars and workshops, meet-ups, networking events, field trips to learn best practice examples in Latvia and abroad; to expand international dimension by participating in SE development projects with partners abroad and to adopt best practice examples of European and world SE players in Latvia.

Actions – Roadmap – 2024

Administrative / organizational support for SE organisations and entreprises

To find to establish a way to pre-fund organization (NGO) providing SE functions when it is needed to input pre-funding in EU project

Education / training activities

  • Seminars/ workshops/ conferences at different locations in Rezekne municipality (once a month) with presentation of SE concept and best practice examples and discussion and/or mastermind session
  • Workshop “Resource market” on how to use waste materials from production for recycling or upcycling (once a year, in Luznava Manor, in cooperation with local producers)

Informative campaign: awareness raising

  • Regularly update of information in Rezekne municipality website according content-plan, providing best practice examples (once a month, in a website sub-section “Social Entrepreneurship”)
  • To create section on social entrepreneurship on website of Luznava Manor (April)
  • To adopt Handbook of Social Entrepreneurship for local needs and to promote it in municipal social networks (May)
  • To share best practice examples of local SE enterprises and from abroad (Posts, Interviews, Podcast interviews – once a month)

SE community building / strenghtening

  • Networking events (once in a quarter)
  • Business breakfasts with participation of an expert (each session different) to be hosted each time by different company – SE stakeholder (once a month)
  • Experience exchange trips to other regions and municipalities; transport provided by municipality (twice a year)
  • Mastermind sessions to build and develop new SE business/ service ideas in supportive environment  (on request)

To build project ideas and to support their implementation

  • To establish “SE initiative group” including different segments of SE actors (April)
  • To identify and evaluate places of culture heritage in Rezekne municipality – how they could become promoter of regeneration for local community

To strenghten connection of culture heritage and social economy

  • Pop-up markets of local artisans and farmers (once a season)
  • Participation in national event “Home Café” organizing pop-up cafés in manors or other places (June 2024)
  • To share example of Viļāni sacral heritage site as SE actor to other parishes of municipality

Creating active local communities for space development (vietrade)

Interactive events for local communities involving different social-demographic groups of actors.


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