The Zagare Garden – Messina

The Park is the result of a radical process of urban regeneration of a degraded slum created after the 1908 earthquake and World War II bombings.

Thanks to the redevelopment programme:

About 650 people have moved out of the slum ghetto to live in a house of their choice. Slightly less than half now live, thanks to the economic mechanisms of the programme ‘designed’ by the Community Foundation, in their own homes;

In the spaces freed from the shantytown, a prototypical horizontal apartment building was developed, built according to the most advanced methodologies, technologies and construction materials of sustainable architecture and engineering, and an urban park and community services were also created.

More specifically, in the former slum, which has become a park, work has been done on the themes of sustainable living and urban metabolism. Educational and social spaces for children, young people and adults were also created in the regenerated spaces.

Local experiences of The Parks of Beauty and Science


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